For Day Tickets see the bailiff on the bank

For Season Tickets contact the shop

How to pay

Day Ticket prices*

1 Rod2 Rods3 Rods1 Rod2 Rods3 Rods1 Rod2 Rods3 Rods
Junior 12-15£3.50£6.00£8.00£3.50£6.00£8.00£5.50£9.00£12.50
Junior 11 & under£2.50£3.50£4.50£2.50£3.50£4.50£3.50£5.50£7.00

Daytime Season Ticket prices

1 Rod2 Rods3 Rods
Junior 12-15£65.00£75.00£85.00
Junior 11 & under£45.00£65.00£75.00

24hr Season Ticket prices*

1 Rod2 Rods3 Rods
Junior 15 & under£95.00£125.00£145.00

Fishery Rules

  1. An E.A. license is required.
  2. No fires. If using a barbecue please ensure it is raised off the ground.
  3. Please take litter home with you.
  4. No cutting/damaging or removal of any foliage.
  5. No rods to be left unattended in the water.
  6. Boats and bait boats are not allowed.
  7. All anglers must have a suitable sized landing net and an unhooking mat.
  8. Keep nets may be used by permission only.
  9. No fixed leads of any kind to be used.
  10. Respect others & keep noise to a minimum.
  11. Carp must not be kept in sacks.
  12. Pike fishing is permitted between 1st October and 31st March.
  13. No swimming or wading in the lakes.
  14. No fish (dead or alive) to be taken from the lakes.
  15. No imitation/plastic Carp baits to be used at Gloucester Park.
  16. Maximum three rod limit.
  17. A maximum of 72hrs to be spent in any one swim and we ask that you do not return to that swim for another 72hrs.

Additional rules for Pike anglers

  1. No spinning/lure fishing of any kind at Lake Meadows, Gloucester Park, or Northlands Cafe lake.
  2. Suitable lengths of wire traces must be used at all times.
  3. Semi barbless treble hooks only.
  4. Minimum 36 inch landing net and unhooking mat must always be used.
  5. Minimum 12lb line to be used.
  6. No gaffs to be used at any time.
  7. Forceps and longnose pliers to be carried at all times.
  8. It is illegal to transfer any fish (dead or alive) from another water for use as bait.
  9. All Pike must be returned safely to the water.

* Lake Meadows - Park rules allow fishing during daytime hours only

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